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Carly & Lachlan

“We did it”

I was too excited to be composed. We woke up together, noticed it was going to be miserable weather and just were like ” cool don’t care”.
I took my 3 hours for my hair and makeup and got dressed.
He waited downstairs for me with a spontaneous bridal bouquet l didnt know he’d arranged.
His knees buckled and he was almost crying. Then dropped everything and we embraced.
I have never seen him happier and more handsome than today.
It was also his Birthday and this was the best Birthday present he has ever recieved….
We took some home photos and went off to the Treasury Gardens. There we met our one witness and Celebrant. We stood amongst the beautiful gardens….
We said our vows, we said ” I DO “
Then l screamed to the world how happy l was and have not lost the Big Grin on my face since !!!!! ❤❤❤
Carly & Lachlan 4/8/2020.

The beautiful Carly and husband Lachlan who were Married last Tuesday August 4th just before Stage # 4 lockdown.
Congratulations Guys and thankyou for sharing xxxx


Gloria & Robbie

“It took us 5 Attempts to get Married”

Right on the eleventh hour, just before Stage #4 Lockdown, Gloria & Robbie finally got married at 5 PM on Tuesday the 4th of August.
But let me tell you it was not easy for this couple with so many close calls……
Their original Wedding date was supposed to have been on 25/07/2020. Originally an intimate wedding of 25 guests at the beautiful Marnong Estate Mickelham. It was during the first lockdown with only 5 guest allowed, that Gloria & Robbie changed their Wedding date to December 12th.But once the lockdown was lifted, they bought their Wedding forward to August 9th. Part lockdown came into effect again with certain Postcodes affected. Gloria & Robbie were ok, but their Reception centre was in lockdown. So the decision was made to have it at home on 9/8/2020.
Sunday the 2nd of August…the dreadful Announcement was made that a Full lockdown would take place on Wednesday 5th August at 11.59 PM.
So the decision was made to quickly get married on Tuesday the 4th, but they weren’t out of the woods yet!!!. Their Celebrant was waiting Covid test results. Luckily in the nick of time, her results came back Negative.
With soooo many close calls, Gloria hair was done. The flowers arrived through Non – Contact delivery and at 5 PM on Tuesday the 4th of August, they were MARRIED in front of their 2 Mums as witnesses.
A beautiful greenery backdrop was centre stage in their lounge room and their 24 guests and Bridal Party were all dressed up and celebrated via Facetime.
Once the Nutptials were done, they celebrated with take away pizza.
Gloria’s advice to Brides once lockdown is over….”Just Do it “
We definitely have a Story to tell our children and Grandchildren.
A great opportunity to have a second Wedding later on…..
Gloria wore our Atlantis Gown & matching veil